Gateway W.O.R.D. of the week – Philippians 4:9

The W.O.R.D. study tool is designed to equip, encourage and empower you to
approach God’s Word with greater purpose and focus. Take time to remove any
distractions and allow God to speak to you through His Holy Spirit and reveal Jesus Christ. God is our loving heavenly Father and always desires to speak to us.

Question: As you read and reread Gateway’s W.O.R.D. of the week, which
verse(s) stand out for you? Consider highlighting or marking these in your bibles.

Question: What did you feel the Holy Spirit is saying to you and desiring you
to observe from this passage? Journal your thoughts and paraphrase the verse(s) in your own words.

Question: What’s 1 step you can take to make this passage a reality today?
Consider printing the passage where you can see it every day, discuss it with
your Life Group leader, speak it out in prayer, or encourage others as you
have opportunity.

Since the Holy Spirit is revealing this to you, dedicate yourself to the
Word in prayer as you ask God for more revelation, and the strength to do
His will in Jesus name!

That’s it! – This is how God’s Word becomes the implanted Word within us
according to James 1:21 and transforms our lives from faith to faith to the
glory of God!
Blessings as you study God’s Word!

Jason Mannering
Senior Pastor